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Terra Incognita


'Terra Incognita,' one of the latest series by renowned generative artist Eko33, represents a significant evolution in his two-decade-long career. This groundbreaking collection is born from the fusion of Eko33's hand-drawn sketches, classic generative art algorithms he crafted, and a custom AI model attuned to his creative vision. Each piece reflects a rhythmic dialogue between Eko33's intuition, custom code, and AI, evolving through an iterative process of lines, colors, and imagination.

The series delves into the conceptual exploration of AI's role in human life and creative expression, reflecting the symbiotic relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence. Honoring traditional pen plotter techniques while embracing AI's transformative potential, 'Terra Incognita' melds past and future in generative art. The genesis phase of 'Terra Incognita 00' includes 26 unique outputs, each a testament to Eko33's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. The series was sold via private sales with ARTXCODE, with final outputs publicly auctioned on SuperRare.

Embarking on a digital art odyssey in 1999, Jean-Jacques Duclaux, also known as Eko33, begins with his journey with a “mobile” Commodore SX-64 as his artistic compass.

From there, his artistic explorations found their footing in Max/MSP, which is a visual language for music and multimedia, as well as Processing, and Nato.0+55+3d. This culminated in his inaugural exhibition at the International Media Art Biennial held at Seoul’s Museum of Art in 2004.

Post-academic pursuits led Eko33 to impart his creative coding to the public, through prestigious art institutions across the globe.

Fast forward to today and Eko33’s passion has since been channeled into the relentless creation of independent artistic systems, leaving his distinctive mark on the digital and traditional art world.

Eko33’s creations have been known to resemble a symphony of precise geometric patterns, subtly infused with intricate and varied algorithmic designs. His artistry transcends traditional subject matter, instead embracing the fundamental elements of art such as lines, shapes, forms, colors, and textures. His ambition is to craft pure art through the medium of algorithms and has more recently been experimenting with artificial intelligence.