ARTXCODE stands at the forefront of the generative art movement, representing some of the most exciting artists working with algorithms today.

Since its founding in 2016, ARTXCODE has developed a distinguished reputation as a generative art house specializing in artist management, curation and cultural advisory. Our mission is to foster artists' careers, assist patrons in building distinguished collections and provide advisory services to cultural institutions. With a team of experts in generative art, blockchain technology, art market dynamics and legal affairs, ARTXCODE provides comprehensive support to those navigating the complex, ever-evolving landscape of computer-generated art.

ARTXCODE works with a diverse and international group of leading and emerging generative artists, including Eko, Entangled Other Studios, Ix Shells, Lars Wander, Linda Dounia, Luke Shannon and Sasha Stiles. From coding custom software to training neural networks, our roster reflects the variety of practices, aesthetics and philosophies of art in the digital age. Under the leadership of Sofia Garcia and Toni Marinara, ARTXCODE supports its artists through in-depth consultation and career guidance, as well as private sales, institutional collaborations and highly-curated physical and virtual exhibitions. Our advisory services extend to leading museums, auction houses and art foundations interested in engaging with the evolving art landscape, positioning ARTXCODE at the intersection of the traditional and experimental.

As artistic applications of new technologies evolve exponentially, education is central to our ethos. Through opinion pieces, historical scholarship and market analysis we provide insight into the burgeoning generative art movement, and provide access to artists through profiles and interviews. In 2022, ARTXCODE established a print shop, giving collectors the opportunity to purchase high-quality fine art prints of natively-digital artworks. In doing so, we advance our mission to make generative art more accessible and understandable to audiences worldwide. Our exhibitions and online releases encompass various mediums, including sculpture, software, 3D-printing, ceramics and pen plotters, aiming to showcase the best in generative art and amplify the connections between human and machine-driven creativity.

From its inception ARTXCODE has celebrated the human side of code. We remain dedicated to identifying and celebrating both established and emerging artists who are diligently shaping the future of art in the algorithmic age.